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The Seed Starts Here

At our childcare center, we prioritize the holistic development of children through a comprehensive focus on nutrition and physical activity. Embracing a plant-based ethos, our center integrates education about healthy eating habits through hands-on experiences in our greenhouse and courtyard garden, fostering a deep understanding of nutrition from a young age. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond the classroom with the presence of a community health food store, ensuring that families have access to nutritious options. Led by an occupational therapist owner, our approach seamlessly integrates movement and motor development into every aspect of our students' daily routines. By nurturing healthy bodies and minds, we believe we are laying the foundation for lifelong well-being and success.

Green House


Plant Based Diet

At our daycare facility, we prioritize your child's health and well-being through our vibrant plant-based diet. Our carefully crafted meals provide essential nutrients for healthy growth and development, while encouraging positive eating habits. With options like colorful fruit smoothies and veggie-packed pasta dishes, our diverse menu ensures a delicious and balanced diet. We're also allergy-friendly and promote sustainability, accommodating common food allergies and partnering with local farmers. By choosing our plant-based daycare, you're not just nourishing your child's body, but also contributing to a healthier, more sustainable future.

Fresh and colorful fruit


Court Yard Garden

At our daycare facility, our vibrant courtyard garden offers a hands-on learning experience where children can discover the wonders of nature and the joy of growing their own food. With the arrival of spring, we're thrilled to introduce our updated raised garden beds, brimming with a variety of vegetables and fruit trees. From crunchy carrots to juicy tomatoes, our garden is a colorful oasis waiting to be explored. Through gardening activities, children develop essential skills such as responsibility, patience, and environmental awareness. We believe in fostering a deep connection with nature and instilling a lifelong appreciation for healthy living. By tending to our courtyard garden, children not only cultivate nutritious produce but also cultivate a love for nature that will last a lifetime.

Man working in a garden


Green House

At our daycare facility, we're excited to unveil our newest initiative: a state-of-the-art greenhouse designed to spark curiosity, foster growth, and ignite imagination. This innovative project represents our commitment to hands-on learning and environmental stewardship, providing children with an immersive experience in the fascinating world of plants and sustainable living. From aromatic herbs to vibrant flowers, our greenhouse will be a vibrant oasis of colors and scents, inviting exploration and discovery. Through this endeavor, we aim to cultivate a deep appreciation for nature and instill in children the importance of conservation. By nurturing future generations of eco-conscious leaders, our greenhouse serves as a beacon of hope for a greener, more sustainable future

Women in a greenhouse


Health Food Market

We're thrilled to unveil our health food market, a hub for nutritious essentials and eco-friendly provisions aimed at nurturing the well-being of our families. At our market, parents will discover a thoughtfully curated selection of organic produce, wholesome snacks, and sustainably sourced pantry staples, designed to nourish families from the inside out. Beyond food, we also provide diapers for families with young children, ensuring every aspect of their well-being is tended to. Additionally, families have the opportunity to explore healthy eating habits through unique learning experiences, with access to fresh fruits and vegetables grown in our onsite gardens and greenhouse. As we continue to cultivate our gardens and expand our greenhouse project, our commitment to providing for our families' needs remains steadfast. With our health food market, we're not just nourishing bodies – we're cultivating healthy habits, fostering community connections, and planting the seeds for lifelong wellness

Local organic produce
Kids _ Bubbles

Physical Movement

A few examples of our dedication to healthy bodies


Daily Outside Time

Daily outdoor time is vital for young children's development on multiple levels. Beyond the physical benefits of fresh air and exercise, outdoor play stimulates sensory exploration, fosters creativity, and enhances social skills through interaction with peers. Nature provides a rich learning environment that promotes curiosity and problem-solving, nurturing holistic growth in children


Different Seating Styles

Offering a variety of seating styles in an educational setting provides numerous benefits for young children's development. Different seating options such as yoga ball chairs, benches, individual seats, and wobble seats allow children to choose what suits their comfort and concentration levels best. This not only promotes better posture and core strength but also encourages movement and flexibility, enhancing overall physical health. Additionally, diverse seating arrangements accommodate various learning preferences and sensory needs, fostering engagement and attentiveness in the classroom. By embracing such versatility in seating, we create a dynamic learning environment that supports children's well-being and academic success


Music Class

Music and movement classes play a crucial role in young children's development by fostering a myriad of skills. Through rhythm, melody, and dance, children not only enhance their motor skills but also refine their coordination and balance. Moreover, engaging with music stimulates cognitive development, including language acquisition and mathematical reasoning. These classes also provide valuable opportunities for social interaction and self-expression, laying a strong foundation for emotional and social intelligence


Planned Movement Breaks

Recognizing and planning for movement breaks throughout the day is paramount in supporting young children's learning and well-being. These breaks allow children to release pent-up energy, refocus their attention, and recharge their minds for continued engagement in learning activities. By incorporating movement breaks, our teachers not only promote physical health and motor development but also create opportunities for cognitive processing and emotional regulation. These intentional breaks empower children to maintain optimal levels of concentration and participation, ultimately enhancing their overall educational experience.

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